Bilibili Participates in Iconic Mobile Legends Bang Bang 515 Carnival Party

Bilibili, proudly announces that the Bilibili X MLBB Game Carnival has officially started! Participating for the first time in the iconic Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 515 Carnival Party, Bilibili is set to unpack awesome video streams, uninterrupted entertainment and exciting activities and prizes this May only on Bilibili.


Bilibili participates at the Mobile Legend Bang Bang: 515 Carnival party for the first time, unpacking loads of exciting prizes


Parallel to Bilibili’s thrust of building a community around aspiring users, high-quality videos, talented video creators and the strong emotional connections among them, this year’s carnival tagline is #WeBetterThanMe, which celebrates camaraderie and a sense of community across gamers and content creators. By participating in the iconic Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 515 Carnival Party, Bilibili underscores that apart from its massive anime collection, gaming videos and gaming community is also an important part of Bilibili’s ever-enlarging ecosystem.


Bilibili users can participate in the excitement through the in-app activities on or the Bilibili App (available on iOS or Google Play) from April 29-May 21, to get a chance to win exclusive prizes! Four exciting campaigns from Quizzes, Online Viewing, Content Creation and even a Lucky Draw will give Bilibili users a chance to win MLBB diamonds, MLBB game props and exclusive MLBB skins. Lucky campaign participants will have a chance to win even bigger prizes such as Nintendo Switch, OPPO A16 phones and Xiaomi speakers! More details about the programs can be found here.


In the Philippines, where Mobile Legend continues to be one of the top mobile multiplayer’s games, no less than globally renowned cosplayers and gamers such as 2014 World Cosplay Summit Philippine Representative and 2021 Grand Prix Champion and Official Ambassador of Cosplay de Umigomi Zero Award Ming Miho, gaming content creator Queen Wrecker, and gamer Sheila Snow—all active Bilibili users and creators, are excited to participate in the Bilibili in-app activities!


According to Ming Miho, “I am very excited to partner with Bilibili, as it participates in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 515 Carnival Party. Through this partnership and on the Bilibili platform, the talent pool of the Filipino content creators are highlighted and showcased around the world.”

For her part, Sheila Snow said “it is amazing to work with a platform like Bilibili because it encourages community participation. I like its Live Comment feature as it enables creators to see their audience feedback in real time. For me, it adds value as a creator because it helps me connect to my audience better and faster. Finally, gaming content creator Queen Wrecker says she “cannot wait to show everyone how they can win exclusive Bilibili X MLBB skins, diamonds and a lot of exciting prizes.”

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