BIR Cracks Down on Social Media Influencers, Bao Apology, Mobile Legends Revenue Sources, ByteDance Lays Off, Nier and more

In our recent gaming podcast Filipino gamers talk about BIR Going after Social Media Influencers, Bao Scam Allegations Apology, Mobile Legends Revenue Sources by Country, ByteDance Gaming Layoffs, Mobile Gaming Decline, Zenless Zone Zero Censorship, Filipinas in Valorant Game Changers, Nier Automata Sequel, Influencer Tax Estimates, Influencer Taxable Services and the Netflix Tomb Raider Dress Issue.


BIR vs Influencers
According to an article by Inquirer, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has vowed to intensify its crackdown on social media influencers who have been ignoring notices to voluntarily comply with tax laws. At the same time, Rosmar Tan did an Interview with Toni Gonzaga flexing 5m php daily revenue. The problem is that when you earn from social media, the platform is usually in another country where the BIR has no jurisdiction. According to the article, the BIR has a nationwide naughty list of influencers being monitored, although the number was not revealed. It is worth noting that the information provided is based on a single source and may not be comprehensive. In addition, it is unclear whether Rosmar Tan’s business is related to the BIR’s crackdown on social media influencers.

Influencer Tax Revenue Estimates from BIR
According to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), an influencer with a million followers could earn between P100,000 and P150,000 for a single Instagram post. Those with less than a million followers get paid between P50,000 and P80,000, while content creators whose follower count falls below six digits command a rate between P25,000 and P40,000.

Taxable Influencer Services from BIR
According to Revenue Memorandum Circular (RMC) No. 97-2021, social media influencers must pay income and business taxes, either a percentage tax or a value-added tax (VAT), since they are considered self-employed individuals. This includes payments received in consideration for services, regardless of the manner or form of payment, such as affiliate marketing, co-creating product lines and promoting their own products, photo and video sales, digital courses, subscriptions, e-books, podcasts, and webinars.

Nier Automata Sequel
According to a recent interview with, Yosuke Saito, the producer of the Nier series, has confirmed that more Nier games are in the works, six years after the release of Nier Automata. However, it is not clear whether the upcoming games will be a direct sequel to Nier Automata or a spin-off. Saito mentioned that he and Yoko Taro, the director of Nier Automata, are currently working on a separate project, so it may take some time before the new Nier games are released. They are hoping to share more information with fans by next year. It is worth noting that the interview was conducted in Japanese, and the information has been translated into English. Therefore, there may be some nuances lost in translation. However, given that the interview included Saito, it is likely that the news is credible.

ByteDance Layoffs
According to a recent report, ByteDance, the parent company of Mobile Legends Moonton, is pulling back from gaming and laying off hundreds of employees. The company is reducing its resources on Nuverse, a branch that released games such as Marvel Snap, Bleach Soul Resonance, and Ragnarok Next Generation. ByteDance will stop developing games that have not yet been released and will try to sell existing titles such as Crystal of Atlan and Earth: Revival . It is worth noting that this is separate from the ByteDance selling MobileLegends. The reason behind this move is that ByteDance will focus on its core business, which is Tiktok and Douyin.

Declining Mobile Gaming Revenue
According to a ByteDance spokesperson, mobile gaming revenue is in decline while user acquisition costs are rising. Therefore, some publishers are reassessing big bets placed around the industry, as the payoff may take longer than expected or be completely out of reach. It is important to note that this information is coming from China, and the details may change over time.

Mobile Legends Revenue Sources
According to AppMagic Rock, a mobile app analytics company, the lifetime downloads of Mobile Legends as of November 2023 are as follows:
  1. Indonesia: 39%
  2. Philippines: 16%
  3. Brazil: 6%
  4. Thailand: 5%
  5. Malaysia: 5%
On the other hand, the lifetime revenue sources of Mobile Legends as of November 2023 are as follows:
  1. United States: 16%
  2. Indonesia: 13%
  3. Malaysia: 13%
  4. Philippines: 12%
  5. Singapore: 7%
It is interesting to note that the countries with the highest downloads do not necessarily correlate with the countries with the highest revenue. The market cap also plays a significant role in the revenue generated by the game.

Filipina Representatives in Valorant Game Changers
Several Filipinas are representing the Philippines in the Valorant Game Changes Championship for 2023. In addition, MaikaFabs will be part of the main broadcast. Team SMG, which includes Shirazi, Alexy, and Kamiyu, won their opener against Evil Geniuses GC. However, the team had mistakenly picked their agents during the selection phase under the assumption that they were doing a ping check. The team later admitted that “The four-duelist agent pick was an honest mistake by us”.

Netflix Tomb Raider Dress Issue
Concept art for some of the outfits in the upcoming Netflix Tomb Raider series has been shared online, and some fans have criticized the designs. The dress concept art, in particular, has been the target of many negative remarks. Fans have criticized the inclusion of sneakers with the dress and deemed the dress itself as ugly. Some commenters have even shared superior dresses that Lara wore in the past. Here are some of the comments shared by fans: “You can tell the artist was insecure when designing her”, “Why is she wearing sneakers? It’s like pandering to a certain audience”, “Lara will never wear something mediocre, let’s be real”, “The dress isn’t even gala-worthy” and more. In my brain, I picture Tomb Raider as classy. What about you? The Netflix Tomb Raider series is scheduled to become available sometime in 2024.

Zenless Zone Zero Censorship
The closed beta for Zenless Zone Zero has started, but players have been disappointed with the game’s physics, as some of the characters are less bouncy than expected. In addition, the game has been caught in 4K, as cleavage and thighs have been covered during the beta. Fans are hoping for an uncensored version of the game for the West and have expressed their disappointment on the CBT Reddit mega-thread. Some fans have called the game a bait-and-switch and have stated that they will not support it until miHoYo grows a backbone . It is worth noting that the game is rated for 16 and up, so some fans are questioning the censorship. Zenless Zone Zero is an upcoming free-to-play urban fantasy action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo. The game is in development for Windows PC, unspecified consoles, and mobile.

Bao Scam Allegations Apology
Mark Cabigting, also known as Bao, has released an apology following his removal from TnC Pro’s ML team due to scamming allegations . In his apology, Bao asked for forgiveness from everyone who supported and accepted him, acknowledging that he made a big mistake and hurt many people. He also apologized to Blacklist and the agents for his arrogance and the things he said behind their backs . Bao also addressed the allegations of scamming, stating that he did not scam fans out of 300k PHP and that all the death threats he received were unfounded. He promised to learn from his mistakes and become better as he continues his career in ML.

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