Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King is now available on Android and iOS devices globally

The tactical turn-based RPG mobile game adaptation of the hit anime series Black Clover, Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King, is now available globally for Android and iOS devices, featuring eight language subtitles to choose from with voiceovers in both Japanese and English portrayed by the original cast of the anime series.


Black Clover M reached an additional milestone after accumulating over 5 million pre-registrations since the pre-registration period started in May. Players who pre-registered and reached this goal will be granted a variety of rewards, including bond summon tickets, black crystals, the newest playable character, and a free outfit.

The game is developed by Vic Game Studios and published globally by Garena. The game's global release will go by the name Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King, while the Japanese version will be called The Opening of Fate.

This version will feature eight language subtitles, such as English, Mexican Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German, French, Traditional Chinese, Thai, and Indonesian. Good news for Black Clover fans: the voiceovers will be played by the original cast of the anime series, including Christopher R. Sabat as Captain Yami, Justin Briner as Luck, Colleen Clickenbeard as Charlotte, Dallas Reid as Asta, and Jill Harris as Noelle.

In addition, Garena will be giving out exclusive rewards to all registrants and free access to a new playable character, the healing mage Mimosa, and her Cafe’ uniform to celebrate its 5 million global pre-registration milestone. This outfit is exclusively made for Black Clover M and was not featured in the anime, so don’t miss out.


Mimosa is a member of the Golden Dawn team and the royal House Vermillion and is notably one of the major healing mages in the first Black Clover series. Fans and players will now be able to experience and witness Mimosa’s plant magic ability to heal her teammates in Black Clover M.

Aside from Mimosa and her costume, everyone who pre-registered will also be receiving the following rewards when the game goes live:
  • Yul x 100,000
  • Stamina x 30
  • Pop-Potato x 10
  • Free Black Crystal x 300
  • Bond Summon Ticket x 20
As the Black Clover M debuts, players will have to look out for the mission and summon events, including Selective Summon, Season 1 Rate-Up Summon, and New Mage Rate-Up Pickup, which will guarantee players to receive SSR mage, along with mages Asta, Yami, and Mimosa. There will also be a Season Skill Page Rate-up Summon. Here are the following events, which unlock a bunch of rewards upon completion:

Season 1: Exclusive Events:
  • Gateway of Reunion: 1 free-season SSR mage
  • Special Episode: Noelle’s Rage: Stamina, R/SR/SSR shared image pieces, with the ultimate grand prize of Noelle’s Costume Box.
Attendance Events:
  • Novice Mage’s 7-Day missions: Bond Summon Tickets, Black Crystals x 2300, SSR Mage Exp Potion, SSR Shared Image Pieces, and more.
  • 7-Day Release Commemoration Event: Black Crystals x 400, and Yul x 300, 000
  • 5 Days of Novice Mage Attendance: Summon Ticket x 10, Gift Box, and more
  • Chapter Unlocking Event: Up to 6,000 Black Crystals
  • Patrol Stage Star Accumulating Event: Up to 45 Summon Tickets
  • Rank-Up Reward Event: Up to 40 Summon Tickets
Download and play the game now, and don’t miss out on these events to unlock many rewards.