Black Clover: Rise of the Wizard King is now available to pre-register for Android devices

Black Clover’s mobile game, Black Clover: Rise of the Wizard King, has announced that it’s now available for pre-registration.

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To pre-register the game, go to its website, which is available in English, Japanese, and Korean, and click the pre-registration option to open the game’s Play Store page. As of the moment, the game is only available to pre-register on Android devices. For iOS, it’s tagged as “coming soon”. Black Clover Mobile is expected to be released in the first half of 2023.

A special program is also announced for the game, which will start on February 24, 19:00 [JST]. Featuring Gakuto Kajiwara, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Kana Yuuki, Kiyono Yasuno, MCs, and members of the development team, they will be giving more details about the game’s current state.

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However, the game’s pre-registration campaign is only available in Japan and can only be seen in Japanese. But don’t worry, as the game plans for a simultaneous release, the rewards are likely to be given to players at the same time.

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Pre-Registration Rewards:
  • 100,000 Players: 300x Black Crystals
  • 200,000 Players: 2x Gacha Tickets
  • 300,000 Players: 3x Gacha Tickets
  • 400,000 Players: SR Mimosa Vermillion
  • 500,000 Players: 5x Gacha Tickets
In case you didn’t know, Black Clover Mobile is a mobile RPG based on the anime of the same name featuring 3D graphics. It features turn-based gameplay. Through the game, you can experience the story of Black Clover as well as new in-depth character stories.

To play the game, create a party of four and fight the enemies using the different abilities of each character. Each character can have up to four different moves with different elemental properties and certain bonuses, which will allow you to strategize to effectively take down the enemy.