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May 12, 2019
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This is a general discussion thread for Black Desert Mobile, feel free to add your guides as well. Im adding guides and tips ive compiled so far.

Character Bag Info

How to add character slot
  • go to Cash shop then pots icon then + icon.
  • also you can buy extra rune attachment for 500k silver

mga dapat gawin pagka reset ng game tuwing 11pm ph time reset

  1. claim free runes and pension sa cash shop, check rin free accessories sa taas.
  2. claim rewards ng events sa gift shop, ung gift icon
  3. greet friends sa friend list for social/friend points, check nyo rin mail kasi nagsend back rin mga frends mo.
  4. tapusin 3x black spirit quest
  5. guild attendance at 3x guild quest
  6. then visit nyo dominion kung tapos na workers nyo, kung ready for harvest crops, claim upgrade stones etc.

para sa mga newbie at nangangapa palang, eto guide ng MENU, yung 3 horizontal line upper right corner ng screen shop
2.manor/dominion or own town/farm
3.skill tab
4.bag storage
5.character info tab spirit tab collection
8.daily quest/achievement
10.knowledge tab market
13.npc intimacy
16.ranking map
18.story quest
20.power saver/screensaver
21.character selection
24.pvp arena
25.ancient labyrinth of valor/bravery
27.dungeon boss/conquest tower trade

Daily Quest/Task/Assignments and Achievements

eto daily routine nyo sa game para matapos at ma claim rewards sa dailly quest, each day nagrereset yan, maganda maka 15 complete quests kayo para ma claim 30 BP. hindi ko naubos translate kasi ndi ko magets yung iba hehe

1.upgrade equipment 3x
2.pvp arena 1x
3. gathering 3x
4.use skillbooks 10x
5.use 5,000 silver mission quest 10x
7.consume 20 hp pots
8.obtain 1 upgrade stone from refinery
9.plant 6 crops one item in world trade
11.purchase special product 1x in world trade
12.battle 2x in world trade
13.collect 2x in world trade
14.mining 2x in world trade
15.kill 5000 mobs
16.explore in 2x world trade

Farming Spot

my personal grinding maps simula naglaro ako hanggang max level, matinding grinding ginawa ko sa mga maps na yan 24/7 kasi kulang pa features ng game noon, pero ngaun yung mga newbies marami ng alternative ways para mapabilis level up kaya yung ibang maps dito pwede nyo na ma skip depende sa current GS nyo.. yung maps meron GS nakalagay kung gaano kalakas mobs tsaka may level gap rin, wala kna maloloot/exp kpag gap na level mo, may kulay yung name ng mobs, kpag gray/white gap kna.. kpag green ok pa yun, kpag red malakas pa mobs sau... check nyo n lng kada region kung saan mahahanap mga maps na yan. happy grinding!!!

yung may red home icon, main towns yan..pwede nyo itap yun para ma teleport kau sa town,para maka shortcut narin sa paglalakbay ng ibang maps. basta na explore nyo na..yung ibang maps need pa maunlock kapag nagawa nyo na main quests

yung may mga red icons ay nightmare or pk map, kung gusto nyo pumasok, punta lang sa may red icon map then sa minimap,2nd tab lalabas mga icons ng nasa map in list, tap nyo ung red icon pra autopath na kau dun. mataas value ng loots sa pk map kaso pwede ka patayin, hahanap ka spot na walang tao.

Ways how to earn silver

1. Do ancient ruins high level, higher rewards (best if its x200 event)
2. Do dungeon boss, higher difficulty, higher rewards(best if its x200 event)
3. Do land of bravery high level, higher rewards
4. Win pvp 10x a day 400k silver total
5. sell special loots/crafted items in merchant npc, can be refresh 5x a day using work points, see photo.
6. sell purple accessories, resources in auction market
7.sell golden egg/milk from harvesting livestocks
8.sell golden items obtain from loots, golden item obtain from world boss
9.enter tower with 5 different class level 45+ once per day.
10. farm in nightmare/pk map (lucky if you dont get killed)
11.grind... grind... grind...

for hardcore players, make 2 or more accounts, do step 1-11 and transfer silver from farm account to main account thru market auction.

English translated settings

Gem guide
  • attributes of gems, below stat is random element attributes
  • low to high grade color is same with gears and others

How to buy pet food
  • go to any main town, tap npc on mini map, look for bull icon, tap it to autorun.also you can sell trash if you tap lower part. check photos
  • Dont buy petfood in cash shop.. pearl is very precious, dnt waste it for pet food only.

How to delete character
  • tap delete
  • wait 7 days
  • after 7 days, tap confirm and copy paste 캐릭터 삭제 to delete character.
*check photos

Land Of Bravery
  • party of 5 members for 30mins nonstop farm
  • fast exp and loots for silver
  • best time to enter during hot time, check the hot time icon if its for land of bravery boost.
  • requires orange coin to enter, acquired from loot and events
how to join:
go to menu, tap land of bravery icon, choose level depends on your GS then tap quick join.. if you want to invite friends or guildmates, choose create then uncheck the option below to avoid auto join random players, choose the names you want to invite.
a onscreen menu will pop out on right upper screen to know if the party is ready or not.

Black Spirit Menu Guide

Ancient Ruins/Labyrinth
  • party of 5 mission run manual play
  • easy exp and silver, source of pension stone fragments, pension stone and powder upgrade
  • needs ticket to enter,check photo
to join,
  • go to menu, then tap ancient ruins,choose create or quick join, a small window will open right upper screen, tap room settings then you can set how many tickets will use in one run, high number=more ticketd used, more rewards.
  • set the right level for your GS.
  • check activate to enable auto join random members

Skill Awakening Guide
each class has 3 skills available for awaken and starts at level 56 to 60. go to menu then feather icon.
you can do only 1 cycle quest per reset. when its blue, its acceptable to do the quest. remember what the korean sentence looks like coz the quests are random each reset but still the same tasks


every reset, you will get 3 free draws, make sure to tap (1) to get 3x chance to draw. you can also use whitepearl, tap (2) or black pearl tap (3) if you want to draw more than 3x a day
u can draw by tapping any box with ? in the photo.

below is the possible grand price you get, on the left side, you have 3 tries to change the grand prize randomly.

every reset you have 4 task to complete to get the material in order to draw in the event and get rewards, this is a bingo type event.

1st.. kill 1500 any mobs
2nd.. do conquest or dungeon boss 2x
3rd.. buy any item in auction market 2x, must be different items
4th.. use work points or energy points 100x

now im not sure if this gonna change each day.
after completing all tasks, tap the blue and u will see the rewards and u gonna draw the materials you earned from the tasks.

How to unlock Ultra settings
  • need rooted phone
  • install build.prop editor
  • open app then tap pencil, edit ro.product.model and ro.product.brand.. type G011C and Google Pixel2 respectively.
  • save and reboot phone
  • launch bdm and check settings 5th tab.. ultra resolution and 45fps unlocked.

World Boss Schedule (updated) ph time

itong 3 boss ay kasama sa pag unlock ng new skills after class awakening.

Kzarca... yung half body boss
Karanda... yung ibon
Nouvel... yung dragon

furious red nose, beg and kia ay mga bagong boss yan.

Thank You Francis M Lim for sharing this