Black Desert Mobile Introduces New Battle Modes and Terrmian Town

Guild of Guardians
Pearl Abyss today announced that the new battle modes Special Boss Rush and Ranked Arena have been introduced along with a new town known as Terrmian in Black Desert Mobile. Adventurers can now enhance their strength through these battle modes and explore a new town full of celebratory events.

Special Boss Rush is now available for Adventurers looking for challenging battles. Special Boss Rushes offer Adventurers a chance to repeatedly fight against previously slain bosses that are more powerful than those found in normal Boss Rushes. They will also give Adventurers greater rewards and knowledge of bosses than normal Boss Rushes. During Special Boss Rushes, Adventurers will face bosses with different attack patterns and phases from those of the original mode.

A ranking system has been introduced to the PvP Arena mode. An Adventurer’s rank will be set once an Adventurer completes 10 matches, and once an Adventurer is ranked, they will be matched up against similarly ranked opponents in the future. The ranking system will run on a seasonal basis and offer various rewards to successful combatants at the end of each season.

Last but not least, Terrmian, a new town, is now open for a limited period of two weeks. Terrmian will host a series of quests and minigames that give Adventurers exclusive rewards including the Terrmian Outfit. Those who defeat pirates using normal combat or Water Cannons can also claim a Cox Pirates’ Chest.

Seoul, South Korea April 8, 2020

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