Black Desert Mobile Introduces Succession Skills and New Region "Land of the Sherekhan"

Pearl Abyss announced that the new "Succession Skill" update and the new region "Land of the Sherekhan" were introduced in Black Desert Mobile. This week's updates aim to provide a whole new combat experience, allowing Adventurers to perform a variety of skill combinations to suit their own tastes.

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Succession Skill is a concept where Ascension and Awakening classes can interchangeably select and learn one of two designated skills from the opposite class.

For example, the [Awakening] Berserker class can choose to acquire one of two skills from the [Ascension] Gladiator class, either "Spinning Slash" or "Piercing Spear." Conversely, Gladiator class can choose between two of Berserker's skills, "Havoc Thrust" or "Crushing Falcon."

Adventurers who own a class that only has Ascension or Awakening, such as Scholar, Shai, and Drakania, can get a sneak peek at upcoming classes' skills as their Succession Skills.

By utilizing the Succession Skills, Adventurers can establish a new set of skill combinations, and use them in both PvE and PvP battles. For instance, a class that mainly uses short-range skills can take advantage of acquiring a long-range skill to dominate the battle at both ranges.

Succession Skill preview videos for all classes can be found in Black Desert Mobile's official YouTube channel.

Moreover, Adventurers with CP ranges between 43,000 to 60,000 can enter the "Land of the Sherekhan," a new region where Adventurers can acquire Succession Skills. They only need to complete the Story - "Legacy of the Sherekhan" in order to enjoy the new skills.

In this region, Adventurers can also loot "Charm of Succession," Family Gear that can be enchanted to increase Succession Skill damage.

Visit Black Desert Mobile's official website for more information.

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