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Discussion in 'Apple iOS' started by ramleague, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. ramleague

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    Patch Via Files - iOS (Hard)
    NOTE: This only works for iOS 11.1.2 and below. No Jailbreak Required


    1. Head to: on Safari on your iOS device. Press on the ‘Apps’ tab, then "TweakBox Apps" and scroll down to ‘FilzaEscaped’.
    2. Press on the red ‘Install’ button.
    3. Wait until it has finished installing and try to run it. You will encounter an ‘Untrusted Enterprise’ error.
    4. Head to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > NARI Group Corporation > Trust.
    5. From the iOS App Store, Install the app ‘ZipApp Free’.
    6. Head to #downloads to download the latest version of the BDM English Patch.
    7. Make sure to open the file with ‘ZipApp Free’.
    8. You will then get an ‘Archive File Type’ pop-up. Select ‘Yes’ to extract the contents.
    9. Exit ‘ZipApp Free’ and head to your installed ‘FilzaEscaped’. Press on the middle star icon.
    10. From here, head to Apps Manager (if you get a pop-up, just press Activate > Done) > ZipApp Free > Documents > Imported Files > Patch_ENG_Latest > Edit > Copy all the files.
    11. Head back to the middle star icon.
    12. Head to Apps Manager > 검은사막 모바일 > Library > res > Paz.
    13. (OPTIONAL): Rename the files you copied earlier to padXXXX.paz.old and pad0000.meta.old (to create backups of the original files before replacing).
    14. Press on the Clipboard (bottom left) > Paste > Apply to All > Replace.
    15. You should now have the English patch installed on your iOS device!
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    Still not working for ios12?
  4. Mark1122

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    Kaya po ba sa iphone 6 plus to
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