Black Desert Mobile Launches Powerful Primal Rift Totem

Pearl Abyss announced today that the highest-grade totem, the Primal Rift Totem, has been added to Black Desert Mobile. Adventurers can now craft the new grade of totem and increase their CP more significantly.

[Pearl Abyss] Black Desert Mobile Launches Powerful Primal Rift Totem.jpg

Primal Rift Totems can be crafted with Roots of Sorcery and Cron Stones in the Totem menu. These new totems have their own separate AP, DP, and Move Speed, with both AP and DP being increasable via enhancement. Adventurers can also use Roots of Sorcery to enhance Primal Rift Totems.

This new grade of totem can increase stats when combined with each of the Abyssal Wrathful, Savior, and Unity Rift Totems. When combining these totems, only those of +4 or higher can be used.

To celebrate the update, a Totem Bonus Event will be held until October 18. Adventurers who enhance their Rift Totems or Crystalized Totem a certain number of times, can earn themselves a Totem Chest as an additional reward.

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