Black Desert Online, Beginner's Guide To The PvE Features


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Apr 27, 2019
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Black Desert Online is rather complex when it comes to PvE activities. If at some point it encourages players to farm monsters to gain in level and gold, at others such an activity may seem pointless, and far too much of a time waste as compared to other options. However, this does not mean that PvE in Black Desert Online is trivial. It is in fact rather essential to the evolution of players in the game, with quests and dungeons being at the core of the gameplay.


Experience points, monetary rewards, gear, and rare items are just a few of the rewards that make questing a fundamental aspect of Black Desert Online. The most interesting one will, however, be knowledge. This is especially true for the main quests that take your characters deep into the lore of the Black Desert Online universe, full of fantasy and dark secrets.

For PvE and story focused players, quest will generally consist of two main types, namely the Main Plot Quests, and the Shadow Spirit Quests.

Main Plot Quests

These quests usually have the main purpose of advancing the storyline of the game, introducing the players to new areas, new important NPCs, as well as cut-scenes meant to improve the immersion of players into the world. Main quests also tend to consist of 4-5 sub-quests, steps required for players to move deeper into the storyline.

Shadow Spirit Quests

Generally connected to the above mentioned main quests, Shadow Spirit quests are, you've guessed it, quests assigned to characters by the shadow spirit that accompanies them on their journey. If main quests reward players with knowledge, the shadow spirit quests reward players with power, through a large amount of experience points as well as powerful gear.

Then there are the different types of optional quests, unrelated to the plot of the game, but, for the most, essential to the other aspects of the game. In fact, some those are best called "tasks" or "objectives" rather that quests due to their nature.

Daily/Weekly Quests
As you can probably guess, these quests are merely here to help with the grind. Players are generally rewarded with experience points, money, and otherwise hard to acquire items.

Trading Quests
Tired of fighting monster after monster? Trading quests will be a good source or experience and money for your character. Rather self-explanatory, they will simply involve carrying goods or items over the map to the specified market or NPC.

Exploration Tasks
Exploration tasks, on the other hand, are a more laid-back approach to the questing system of Black Desert Online.They basically serve the purpose of a tutorial, meant to introduce players to different NPCs and locations. With the usual experience rewards aside, they can also be the best way to unlocking new areas as well as trade routes.

Crafting Tasks
Then there are the crafting tasks. These won't exactly appeal to everyone, due to the fact that they are mostly aimed towards players that are here for the sandbox elements. The usually involves item creation and gathering tasks, and reward players with tools and rare resources.

City Tasks
And finally, there are the quests that are here for players seeking a deeper immersion. Players that want to take an active part in the world of the game, interacting with NPCs and assisting them by completing various quests. Rewards will generally vary depending on the task completed, including items, resources or potions.


Black Desert Online wouldn't be much of a MMORPG without its set of dungeons, home to monstrous and legendary enemies. And it does indeed have a lot of them, some of which are hidden and waiting to be discovered. These dungeons, open to everyone and non-instantiated, come in three main types.

Solo dungeons - These are here for players that want a casual dungeon experience on their own or with a friend or two, generally easy to complete in a short time.
Party dungeons - While it is still possible for certain classes (assuming that they are appropriately leveled) to complete these dungeons as solo characters, they will prove to be quite complex and time-consuming, making parties more than recommended
Raids dungeons - Underestimate these and you'll soon regret it. Forget playing solo, even a full party may not be enough to complete these. Raid dungeons will require a good number of players, as well as proper coordination, making them one of the most challenging aspects of the game.

And finally, it should also be noted that bosses are not only found in dungeons. Some of them will roam the world of Black Desert Online, waiting to be challenged, and ready to destroy.

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