Black Desert Online Berserker Beginner's Guide


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Apr 27, 2019
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Forget finesse and elegant skills, here is the Berserker. Packaged with 2 massive axes, the Berserker embodies straightforward brutality. If you are looking for the class with the largest concentrated violence, as you look ranged classes with contempt, and if for you hiding behind a piece of wood or a scrap of metal others call a shield is a waste of time, look no further, you are at a good place.


Mind you, we aren't talking about the button mashing type of brute force you might have encountered with similar classes in other MMOs. This class requires some thought and strategy, especially considering the fact that a lot of your opponents (looking at you glass canons) will attempt to flee once they realize what they are up against. And for that, the Berserker possesses a number of distance closing skills, running and charging at enemies, jumping and dealing blows, or even plain walking (and making the ground shake while they are at it), various methods to stick to your target.

From a concept approaching (roughly) from that of Tamer but without the pet, the Berserker's strength lies in easily chaining skills ad abilities that allow you to always move closer to your opponent, coupled with those involving some control of your target while inserting your most powerful ones.
Indeed, the Berserker has no creature, no magic, no ranged attack but instead has a decent range of skill types allowing for combos that include:

Movement + Blow

or even

Movement + Blow + Control + Devastating Blow

Note also that the Berserker is the specialist of grabs, which involves key controls in terms of group PvP.

Getting started

Instead of displaying yet another copy of the skill tree that anyone can find online and in the game, we will only list the main skills of the Berserker, how they are activated, along with some of the most useful effects.

Basic Skills (left-click)

Advanced Skills (right-click)


If there is a class in Black Desert Online that is comfortable with grabs, it is without a doubt the Berserker.

Advanced Grab Skills

These towering giants can even move around while grabbing an enemy, and use them to strike others.



Enhancements to Prioritize
To make the most out of your Berserker, the enhancements to focus on are:
  • Attack Speed
  • Casting Speed
  • Critical Hit Chance