Black Desert Online collaborates with Berserk for a Limited Time Event!

Good news for Black Desert Online gamers who happens to be an anime fan! Berserk, one of the most brutal and famous anime and manga in the world will be a part of the game for a limited time!

It was announced by Kakao Games and Pear Abyss that they will collaborate with Kentarou Miura to bring the dark and grim fantasy world into Black Desert Online!

From November 20 up until December 6, players will get exclusive quest, bosses and items that are in theme with the world of Berserk! And to make it all feel like you're actually a protagonist in the anime, players will be able to battle out one of the infamous swordsman demon, Nosferatu Zodd!

If you're looking to face and defeat Nosferatu, you can see him near the Hexe Marie Sanctuary, a place creeping with a lot of undeads! Not exactly the sanctuary you might think of! Not only that, players might be able to find a common cause with an unknown knight to help each other slay this demon! In addition to this quest, you can also don Gut's Berserker amor!

This armor will be available for the male classes of the game! If you're not a fan of ragged and brutal killing machine look, the armor of Gut's nemesis, Griffith, is also available for the female classes! And as you can see, you can also get a skin for your fairy inspired by Puck, Gut's trusty companion in the anime!

So what are you waiting for? This is a limited time event so make sure to kill those demons brutally, Berserk style!

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