Black Desert Online introduces new class, Guardian and 2020 Black Desert Mobile Roadmap!

Hello there adventurers! Black Desert players will have a lot of things to look forward too. A new class will be making its way into the Black Desert Online as well as the release of the Mobile version of the game! Let's take a short look at the new class first which was teased a few days ago, the Guardian class!

Not a lot of information has been released about this new class, but it is rumored to be the female version of the 'Berserker' class because of the raw and brutal look of the characters. A lore about the Guardian class has also been released.

There is no god in this world.

Omua's black blood burned away the ivory white skin

And drew the path from the ever winter tops to where the dragon fang sleeps.

A message to the line of the parasite who stole the Holy Flame,

The curse of the dragon has yet to end and still remains.

There is no god in this world.

Omua's black blood melted down the bones of the descendants of the parasite

A small slither of pain from when god severed her legs and stripped off her wings.

A message to tell them, unless the Holy Flame is returned,

The old glory of the Golden Mountain will forever be buried in endless winter.

There is no god in this world.

Omua's black blood devoured the blood of the silent

And gorged out the scream of her rage upon the parasite’s broken covenant.

To break Omua free from god's curse of death,

And to retrieve the Holy Flame, a pact with the Black Spirit was dealt.

There is no god in this world.

With the frost that covered me when I first emerged from my shell,

The fragmented memories of Omua imbued on my body were frozen in place.

Oblivion will overwhelm me once the pact is made, but I shall remember all well.

There is no god in this world.

Finally, Omua's black blood bloomed in red all over the body.

And now we venture out beyond from the Golden Mountain.

The grand power and control of the Black Spirit is where I now lay.

Ynix, the Holy Flame will be mine, and with it I will burn down the gods for their transgressions.

There is no god in this world.

In the midst of a moonless night on the hills of Zvier,

A young demibeast looked upon the ever winter tops and whispered.

"Hear my plea, oh benevolent god... Obscure thy traces from this world."

"The Guardian, master of the Holy Flame, drenched in the blood of the ancient dragon, seeks thy ashes."

A lot of people seem to be disliking the new class mainly because it's "another female class". Which is a valid point considering that out of 18 classes in the game, only 7 of those are male classes.

Pearl Abyss hasn't yet revealed when the Guardian class will be available. The Korean studio is working on Crimson Desert, the PvE MMORPG that began development as a prequel to Black Desert.

Meanwhile, Black Desert Mobile is about to be released in a few days!

The mobile game will hit the market on December 11, but you can pre-download the game and play it earlier. Check out their official website to pre-register! Also, here is the roadmap for the Mobile Game which gives us hints on what to expect next year!

Black Desert Mobile roadmap 2020
Q1 2020
  • Portuguese language support
  • New classes
  • New zone: Southern and Northern Mediah
  • New world boss: Karanda
Q2 2020
  • New classes
  • New zone: Western Valencia
  • New world boss: Nouver
  • New PvE content: Merchantry
  • New PvP content: Siege Wars
  • Reinforced skill
  • Special boss rush
Q3 2020
  • New classes
  • New zone: Northern Valencia
  • New PvE content: Tower of Trials
  • Class awakening
Q4 2020
  • New classes
  • Enraged world boss series
  • New PvE content: Path of Glory
  • Class ascension
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