Black Desert Online Introduction To Vigor Points And Contribution Points


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Apr 27, 2019
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If you are planning to get involved in the crafting and trade runs aspects of Black Desert Online (as well as its various other Sandbox features), it will be important for you to understand what Vigor and Contribution Points are.

Vigor Points

Vigor Points is basically the equivalent of Labor Points in ArcheAge. It is a sort of "currency" that regenerates while you're online, and is used for the various activities you go through in game, including items gathering, and selling items during trade runs. Black Desert however pushes it even further, and introduces Vigor uses in other gameplay elements, including learning new skills, obtaining information from NPC, and so on. Vigor can also be used to increase your "influence" in the different towns of the game, giving certain benefits like a higher drop rate.

Contribution Points

Contribution Points, on the other hand, will be closer to a real currency. If Vigor will serve the purpose of a sort of "energy" stat, Contribution Points will be closer to "reputation" tokens actually holding a value. Put simply, as you complete quests for various NPC's and assist them through their needs, you obtain Contribution Points that can be used for various things. Their most notable use will be the activation of nodes on the map, essential for the creation of trade routes. They can also be used to buy houses/workshops on the map, making this currency just as essential for crafting activities.


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