Black Desert Online is free to keep until March 10

Nothing is better than a free game! Players can download it via Steam until March 10.


Black Desert Online a famous Korean MMPORG, was originally launched on Steam back in 2017. The game has seen constant content updates where they have added new characters, areas, and quests.

Last December Black Desert had its latest patch and the designers added a new class called the Nova. Nova’s are a jack of all trades kind of class, sporting a massive Morningstar and Tower Shield to fend off enemies with. Once they’re on the ropes, these characters can use magic to resurrect dead enemies or attack with ice spells.

Pearl Abyss is celebrating with the best way for the potential new players. On the other hand, veterans will have a catch to deal with. Their accounts need to be transferred until May 31, 2021, in order to keep them.

Transferring accounts or what they canMigrations’ can be a little tricky but the devs prepared a guide video, which you can see below, on how to do this in order to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Free Play now for a limited time only and get incredible rewards:

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