Black Desert Online Tamer Beginner's Guide


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Apr 27, 2019
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The Tamer of Black Desert Online, as the name suggests, has a fighting style revolving around a creature that accompanies them. However, the Tamer is also perfectly capable when it comes to fending for themselves in a melee fight.

The Tamer has a short blade that comes with a sheath, the latter allowing them to summon and control their creature. Combat-wise, the Tamer will easily chain multiple abilities, at a rather fast pace. Indeed, many of their skills allow for lengthy combos, without much restrictions. However, the defensive capabilities of the Tamer are limited, something that can be severely handicapping should their creature be defeated.

It common to see here and there that this class is tamed easily (note the irony). However, it is good to know why: The Tamer has a creature that can be summoned at will from level 20. As such, by definition, a part of the gameplay will be played automatically by default (the creature being rather autonomous).

Moreover, the skills of the Tamer combine quite easily, with some going as far as saying that with this class, one can chain combos by pressing random keys. However, with enough experience, you will begin to truly understand the principles of this class and want to choose your patterns, different combos being more appropriate for different situation.

Getting Started
Instead of displaying yet another copy of the skill tree that anyone can find online and in the game, we will only list the main skills of the Tamer, how they are activated, along with some of the most useful effects.

Basic Skills (left-click)
As mentioned above, one of the reasons for which the Tamer is so easily taken in hand is the combinations aspect of many of its skills, starting with those activated through the left-click.

The "Heilang" Skills (right-click)
Overall more powerful but also more expensive and highlighting the power of Heilang, it will of course be necessary to switch the right-click skills now and then to recover your mana.

Crowd Control Skills

Enhancements to Prioritize
To make the most out of your tamer, the enhancements to focus on are:
  • Movement Speed and Attack Speed
  • Luck and Critical Hit Rate