Black Desert Online Trade Runs Guide


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Apr 27, 2019
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One of the fundamental concepts in Black Desert Online is its economic system, and namely the trade runs. This activity will allow you to earn money by selling goods to NPCs.

Obtaining Goods

Trade runs in Black Desert Online follow the same principle as what you would expect from real life trades. As merchants, you will first have to acquire product to sell. These products can be obtained through the four following ways:

- Bought from NPC vendors
- Created by the player through farms and crafts
- Bought from other players
- Stolen from other players

Transporting Goods

With the goods acquired, its time to transport them to the market, or markets, of your choice, paying mind to which one will off you the highest profit. Another thing to consider will be how potentially dangerous the chosen trade route will be, considering that they are often frequented by bandits and potentially criminal players. If none of the nearby markets offer appealing prices at the time of your arrival, you still have the option of storing them in your house while you wait for more favorable rates. This guide should assist you if you have yet to acquire a home.

As for the trade run journey itself, although it is possible to travel by foot, this is far from being the most effective method. Indeed, there are different mounts in Black Desert Online, allowing you to benefit from a higher carry weight capacity and movement speed when running trade runs.

As a new player, you will not have the means to obtain a horse from the start. You will have to use a donkey, available through an early quest. Once you've earned and saved enough, you will be able to consider getting a horse, or even a wagon, to make your trade runs far more profitable.

Selling Goods

Once you've reached the market at the end of your journey, you can start selling your goods simply by interacting with the appropriate NPC. You must, however, be extremely careful during this process. Prices fluctuate all the time, and what looked like a profitable trade run before you got on the roads may not look so appealing by the time you reach your destination.

Of course, as suggested earlier, you do have the option of storing your goods and wait for better offers from the NPC merchants. Simply remember that some goods also come with expiration dates you will need to pay mind to.

It should also be noted that trade runs will only be profitable once you've linked the nodes of different cities and towns.