Black Desert SEA Continues to Celebrate 4th Anniversary

Pearl Abyss announced today that Black Desert SEA continues to celebrate its 4th anniversary through a special livestream and a new array of in-game events.

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In continued celebration of the 4th anniversary, Black Desert SEA conducted a livestream on the official YouTube and Twitch channels on January 17. During the broadcast, a variety of programs pleased Adventurers in Southeast Asia such as a special musical performance and a developer discussion.

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In the first half of the livestream, the CMs did a performance covering the Heidel BGM and Shai theme track. Their stage was set up in the Blue Maned Lion's Manor, one of the latest big updates in Black Desert SEA. The CMs also broadcasted a special match in the Red Battlefield where viewers could earn special coupon codes for in-game items.

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Black Desert's Executive Producer, Jaehee Kim, appeared in the second half of the livestream to show appreciation to Adventurers in-person and take the time to talk with the Adventurers of Southeast Asia server. This talk covered various topics, including ways to improve current gameplay and plans for upcoming content such as the update schedule for Black Desert's upcoming new region -- Mountain of Eternal Winter. He offered a special coupon code for redeemable in-game items at the end of the talk session.

Moreover, new in-game events are also available as part of the ongoing celebrations. Adventurers can receive various in-game rewards based on their playtime and by defeating monsters, gathering, or fishing during the events. A new set of special login rewards worth 50 USD will also be available, which include Advice of Valks, Caphras Stones, and Artisan's Blessing.

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