Black Desert SEA Introduces New Card Game “Yar!” ahead of Annual CalpheON Ball Community Event

Pearl Abyss announced today that "Yar!", an exciting new type of minigame, has been added to Black Desert SEA. The annual community event CalpheON Ball will also return for Adventurers across the world and will bring with it exciting announcements and programs.

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Adventurers can now experience the thrill of the new minigame Yar! in Black Desert SEA. A card game that can be played with other Adventurers, the aim of the game is to score the highest total points by committing 5 cards per turn to various hands. Yar! requires strategic thinking to get the upperhand, not to mention a little help from Lady Luck.

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Adventurers can play Yar! with cards depicting well-known Black Desert NPCs

The game conveniently allows Adventurers to play with others traveling across distant lands as well as against a number of different NPCs such as the General Goods Vendor Eileen, Fish Vendor Crio, and Innkeeper Islin Bartali. Special titles will be rewarded depending on the number of victories players achieve.

Moreover, the annual CalpheON Ball will return on December 11 for Adventurers of both Black Desert PC and console. Aside from a full program of entertainment and community activities, the event will also highlight new content that is planned for the future. The event will be live-streamed through the official Twitch and YouTube channels.

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