Black Desert to Commence Massive PvP Battle 'War of the Roses'

Pearl Abyss announced today that Black Desert Thailand and Southeast Asia is hosting first-ever "War of the Roses" pre-season match this Sunday. The highly anticipated PvP content has witnessed huge interest from Korean, North American and European Adventurers.

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War of the Roses is a PvP content that incorporates a massive 300 vs 300 PvP faction war across territories of Kamasylvia and O'dyllita. The content introduces fresh combat rules and tactics that have not been seen before in Black Desert.

War of the Roses Recruitment

Adventurers can join the war with their guild as the Leading Guild of a faction, or individually become a mercenary-for-hire in the Third Legion.

In order to become the Leading Guild, a guild must have won a Node War of at least Tiers 4-5 once. The more Node Wars a guild has won, the more "Leader Points" they earn. This will act as an advantage in multiple guild applications as the guild with the most points will be given priority.

Adventurers without a guild can also take part as the Third Legion. They must have a combined AP and DP gear score of 700. The Third Legion will be assigned to the Leading Guild and will fight for the victory of that faction.

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Tactical Features

Leading Guild will represent each faction, in which a captain and three Lieutenants will have command over their forces. The appointed captain possesses powerful authority, ordering platoons and assigning them objectives and missions, by observing their designated tactical window.

Participants can use the new intuitive map that gives them a top-down view of the war unfolding in real-time. Moreover, Captains and Lieutenants can track alloy locations, share their field of vision, and make tactical maneuvers to perform strategy.

Faction's skills are exclusive to captains that carry formidable power enough to turnover the battle's outcome. Faction skills can be found on the tactical map, which include abilities such as teleporting a platoon, deploying Griffon or Khalk, and more.

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Win the Battle and Adorn with the Prestigious Rose Crown

The conditions for victory are straightforward. Each faction's castle, Kamasylvia and O'dyllita, will have an NPC Commander, "Narchillan" and "Sephir." A faction's final objective is to storm the opposing castle and defeat its respective Commander.

If no Commander is defeated by the end of the war, the faction that caused more damage to the opposing Commander will take the victory. The result will be a tie if both Commanders' health points are the same. Infiltrating inside the castle will not be easy, as powerful soldiers are placed in and out of the castle guarding the Commander.

During the pre-season matches, every Adventurer in the victorious faction will obtain 3 Gold Bars of the Glorious Battlefield 10,000G, which is a total of 3 billion silver. The losing faction will also be rewarded with 1 Gold Bar of the Glorious Battlefield 10,000G, and 5 Gold Bars of the Glorious Battlefield 1,000G, which comes to 1.5 billion silver.

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More information can be found on Black Desert Thailand and Southeast Asia's official website.

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