Black Desert's New Male Class 'Dusa' Now Available

Globally renowned developer and publisher, Pearl Abyss, unveiled the 28th class 'Dusa' in Black Desert. As a male class long-awaited by many Adventurers around the world, Dusa has received strong anticipation upon his first reveal and is now available to play on all global servers.

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Dusa's release became official during the recent highly praised 'Heidel Ball' held in Beynac, France, in front of over 200 attendees at the site, with its live stream accumulating more than 300K views worldwide.

Dusa, the true heir of Sangdo School, uses the mighty 'Hwando' sword as his main weapon and a cloud-conjuring 'Gombangdae' pipe as his sub-weapon. Not only can he wield his Hwando to keenly attack foes, but he can also lead the battle to victory by summoning archers and spearman infused with umbral and luminous energies with his Gombangdae.

Take a glimpse into Dusa's most powerful skills below, and find more details in this GM Note:
  • Autumnal Blitz: Dusa gathers a great deal of luminous energy to summon forth cloud warriors who fire burning arrows at a rapid pace while darting between the clouds.
  • Taeguk: Dusa harmoniously blends umbral and luminous energies to unleash his most potent Do art.
  • Winter Squall: Dusa gathers a great deal of umbral energy to summon forth warriors of fog who fire icy cold arrows at enemies in the front.
  • Wind Shear, Flow: Virga Shaft: Dusa deflects off enemy blows with his Hwando like fog turning into clouds, approach a foe, then strike upwards.

With the addition of the new class, 1 'Season Character Ticket' has been given to all Adventurers. The number of maximum character slots has also been expanded to a total of 35, 3 slots more than before.

Visit below links to find out more about the new class Dusa:

Dusa's combat video:

Dusa's skill video:

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