[Black ops 3] Looking for friends to play zombies.

Discussion in 'Playstation' started by DankiestOfMemes, Dec 12, 2015.

  1. DankiestOfMemes

    Newbie Gamer

    So I've got black ops 3 for my ps4 for about a week now and i'm always paired up with people from japan or other countries(couldn't really understand what they were saying) i'm unable to coordinate or plan a strat with them. None of my friends own a ps4 so i'm looking for people to play the game with

    I prefer speaking in english but i can fluently speak tagalog.

    IGN: IzuNavi123
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  2. Cerio Batang

    Cerio Batang
    Newbie Gamer

    You can add me if you I'm from the U.S. but I can understand Tagalog I just can't speak it. My gamer tag is Pin0y_CrybAby_xD
  3. Julianaaa

    Newbie Gamer

    Hey add me: Juliana_fnc
    From ph
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