Blacklist International and AP.Bren transferred some of their players in preparation for the upcoming MPL PH Season 12

For the upcoming MPL PH Season 12, Blacklist International and AP.Bren are the first teams to make their move of player transfers for this season. Blacklist International has made two transfers between its amateur and pro league teams while AP.Bren announced only one player transfer.

blacklist transfer.jpg

Fans can expect more teams to follow suit as the transfer window will open mid-season. Teams will surely make changes in their roster before the third week of the MPL PH Season 12 officially begins. Currently, AP.Bren is at second place on the regular season leaderboard while Blacklist International is at 3rd place.

bren transfer.jpg

The player transfers of both teams was announced through the official Facebook page of MPL Philippines. In the post, it was revealed that Blacklist International made two player transfers. The team’s substitute mid laner, Russel "Eyon" Usi, was sent to the MDL roster, while Ian "Rindo" Seguiran from the amateur team will be joining the pro league as the team’s jungler.

In AP.Bren, they only made one player transfer. They sent their substitute mid laner, Jan "Mumukid" Dagdag to its amateur team due to the struggle that they are facing, which shows in their winless record in the current season.

Hopefully, through these player transfers, the performance of both teams will be affected positively and will produce good results.