Blacklist International and OhMyV33NUS broke their silence, Kelra once again apologizes and accepts his penalties given by MPL PH and Omega Esports

Blacklist International’s pro player, Jhonmar “OhMyV33NUS” Villaluna and the esports organization itself, has release their own statements regarding Duane “Kelra” Pillas’s unprofessional behaviour.


Recently, Kelra received backlash not only from the Mobile Legends community but as well as the netizens because of his homophobic statements against OhMyV33NUS and his boyfriend, James “Wise” Del Rosario. Not only that, he also made sexual remarks pertaining to Chareeny “Ramella” Ramella, a pro player based in Thailand, that made the fire bigger.

The other party involved in this issue has broken their silence. OhMyV33NUS and the organization itself, Blacklist International, have given their statements not only to reprimand people who have the same mindset as Kelra but to also remind the general public.

“We encourage everyone to observe how our thoughts are influenced by our upbringing and experiences. These thoughts affect the way we speak online and offline. Popularly-used words that are regarded as “normal” are not always right,” stated Blacklist International.


OhMyV33NUS has also given a piece of his mind regarding this issue and left words that should be always remembered by everyone.

“I believe that this issue should be addressed correspondingly because this is one of the reasons why I am here for – Equality and Respect for all. I hope this serves as a lesson for everyone because this didn’t just affect our country, but other regions as well,” stated OhMyV33nus. “I just want to remind everyone that it is never ok to harass anyone and it’s not funny.”


Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) has already given their own sanction regarding the rules that Kelra violated and to add to that, Omega Esports has also given their own punishment to Kelra for his unprofessional behaviour.

Omega Esports posted an official statement about the penalties that they will give Kelra. According to the post, Kelra will be receiving a fine that will be equivalent to the pro player’s one month salary. The organization also added that they promised that this incident will never happen again.

“It is our responsibility to take care of our athletes by making sure that we provide a holistic development plan for them,” stated Omega Esports.


Following the penalties from MPL and Omega Esports as well as all the backlash that he received, Kelra made a follow-up statement, apologizing to all the involved parties subjected to his unprofessional behaviour. He also addressed and said his apologies to the disappointed Mobile Legends community.

“It was explained to me how heavy my mistakes were due to the words I said. I admit that I didn't put much thought into what I said, and because of this, it resulted in actions and values that are opposite to being a professional player,” stated Kelra.


To sum it all up, Kelra has gotten a 2-week suspension, which will start once MPL PH S8 starts, an undisclosed fine from MPL and a fine from Omega Esports that is equivalent to Kelra’s one month salary. Due to the 2-week suspension imposed to Kelra, he will miss out on at least 5 matches of Omega Esports on the MPL PH S8.