Blacklist International Dota 2 players Gabbi and Abed were penalized a hefty amount of money due to a physical assault

Blacklist International Dota 2 players Kim “Gabbi” Santos and Abed “Abed” Yusop have been fined a hefty amount of money by their organization after the physical encounter between the two due to Gabbi’s provocative remarks against Abed.


Last week, Gabbi announced his departure from Blacklist International, and during his Kick Livestream, he revealed the possible reason for it: that a teammate punched him in the face. His livestream caption is hinting that it was Abed.

In an exclusive interview with Blacklist International CEO Tryke Gutierrez, he elaborated on the on-going issues between Abed and Gabbi, confirming that the rumors circulating are actually true. But he clarified that it happened at a photoshoot studio and not in their bootcamp.

Because of the altercation between the two, the organization decided to fine Gabbi and Abed a significant sum of money. On a positive note, Tryke mentioned donating the entire amount to charity.

“We decided to put a fine on both individuals with a specific amount that is significant to both of them. So, particularly on this matter, I won't share the amount, but you can buy a car with it. Just to show that we really don't allow this as an organization,” Tryke said.

However, Tryke didn’t reveal the exact reason behind it and described it as a “personal issue," but it is more likely due to Gabbi mocking Abed’s denture during their Dota 2 public match.

Gabbi initially hinted at departing Blacklist International, but he will remain in the team after the Blacklist International CEO had a personal conversation with him. He will be staying with the team and will play alongside Abed in the upcoming Riyadh Masters.
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