Blacklist International Estes Skin could go as low as 499 Diamonds in this Presale Event

Guild of Guardians
As the Blacklist International Estes Skin Presale Event has officially arrived in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the players are now allowed to purchase the skin for half of its price as long as all the specific conditions are met.

estes presale event mai.jpg

With the original price of the Blacklist International Estes skin, which is 899 Diamonds, the price could go as low as 499 Diamonds depending on how many players participate in completing the tasks in this server-wide event that will run for seven days. A trial card can be availed as well for the Blacklist International Estes skin in the event.

estes presale event.jpg

Before proceeding in the event, players are required to own the hero Estes. The price for the M3 World Championship skin will start to be deducted after players complete a few in-game tasks. A trial card can be claimed for the Blacklist International Estes skin in the event interface, which players can use as a chance to complete one of the tasks, that is to use the skin in either a Classic, Ranked, or Brawl match.

M3 Estes.png

There are two options that players can choose from, that is “Preorder” and “Preorder+”, which costs 20 and 40 Diamonds respectively. Players who will preorder the skin will get a deduction from the original price, which will be double. Meaning when they choose to preorder for 20 Diamonds, they get 40 Diamonds off in their purchase, and if they choose Preorder+ for 40 Diamonds, they get 80 Diamonds off the original price.

Players can also ask their friends to help reduce the price of the skin. They can “ask for help” and “help” each other five times each.