Blacklist International Gabbi allegedly announced his departure from the team over a physical assault

Blacklist International Dota 2 team carry player Kim “Gabbi” Santos recently announced his departure from the team during his Kick livestream due to an alleged physical assault involving his teammate Abed “Abed” Yusop.


The root cause of the conflict seems to have begun in a Dota 2 public match, where Gabbi was playing on the opposite team of his teammate, Abed. During the match, there was an instance where Gabbi’s Timbersaw managed to escape from Abed’s Templar Assassin by allowing himself to be killed by the neutral creeps.

This is obviously Gabbi’s strategic move to prevent himself from getting killed by Abed. In that way, Abed was not able to get gold and experience from the kill.

Right after their encounter, Gabbi chatted two consecutive question marks and the words “L BUNGAL,” which means “L TOOTHLESS” in Filipino. Confused with the chat, Abed replied, “huh?”.

This in-game banter is usually common in competitive gaming, even in professional scenes, especially with Gabbi, who is known for trolling. Apparently, Gabbi had trash-talked Abed and even exposed sensitive information about the latter. This more likely led to Abed’s rage.

Gabbi revealed in his Kick livestream that he was watching an NBA (National Basketball Association) game while waiting to make content for Blacklist International. Then, out of nowhere, someone punched him on the side of his face.

He initially thought it was a playful punch, but it didn’t stop. While Gabbi didn’t reveal the actual name of who punched him, his Kickstream title is hinting that it was Abed.


Gabbi already announced his “LFT” status, implying that he departed from Blacklist International and is currently looking for a new Dota 2 team to join.

While there is still no official announcement yet regarding his departure, Blacklist International has already released an official announcement, asking for the fans’ patience as they are working through the situation.