Blacklist International partnered with Lunatix for MLBB Development League Philippines Season 2

The official Facebook page of the MLBB Development League Philippines (MDL Philippines) shared the news about the announcement that the MPL franchise Blacklist International is collaborating with Lunatix for MDL-PH Season 2. Lunatix is an international esports team based in Malaysia. In the inaugural season of MDL-PH, Blacklist used their second team called Blacklist Academy for their MDL run. But for Season 2, it will be Blacklist Academy X Lunatix PH.


Similar with RSG PH's announcement about their partnership with Mistah Esports Pro, Blacklist has yet to announce their roster and just posted the partnership for now. Blacklist might also have a similar reason why they decided to partner with another esports team for MDL. The MPL-PH franchises are currently focusing on the 12th season of the main professional league since it will determine which teams will qualify for M5 World Championship. So, MPL-PH teams partners with other organizations to handle their MDL slots.

As of the Blacklist Academy X Lunatix PH announcement, only still the RRQ Kaito has revealed their roster. RRQ Kaito, GameLab, and MHRLK are the current non-MPL franchise teams already announced in the MDL PH Facebook Page. Meanwhile, ONIC PH already announced that they will still go with Onic Arsenals for Season 2. Check out also the MPL Philippines official Facebook page as the MPL Franchise team announcements are also shared in there.

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