Blacklist International’s V33Wise and EVOS Legends’ Zeys talks about MPL ID and MPL PH Salary and Prize Pool Concerns

It appears to be that the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League for both Philippines and Indonesia have something in common and that is the salary for its pro players. In an interview by EVOS Legends’ coach Bjorn “Zeys” Ong featuring Blacklist International’s Johnmar "OhMyV33NUS" Villaluna and Danerie "Wise" James Del Rosario, they discussed how the pro players from both regions consider streaming as more profitable than playing professionally.


In the interview, the couple asked Coach Zeys about how much is the salary of a pro player in Indonesia and he responded by saying that their salary amounts to around $500 - $700. However, for average pro players who have been playing for a long time in the MPL, their salary could go as high as $2000 - $3000. He further added that for the coaches’ salaries, it would be subjective.

“For the coach, I think it’s very subjective. But I think, from what I know, it’s a bit below the players’ (salary). So, maybe about a couple of hundred below the players,” said Zeys.

And when Coach Zeys asked V33Wise how much does a pro player in the Philippines earns, OhMyV33NUS stated that it's lower than what an average Indonesian pro player gets.

“For average, I think it’s around $600 USD,” said OhMyV33NUS.

After the discussion about the salaries, Wise revealed that when they were in the M3 World Championship, some pro player he spoke with in the tournament believes that streaming is more profitable than being part of MPL tournaments.

“When we were at M3, some players in Indonesia were telling us that streaming is more profitable than MPL salary,” he said.

Coach Zeys voiced his agreement with what Wise stated and added that it is actually currently one of the major problems in the Indonesian MLBB esports scene.

“Because the thing is, every pro player kind of wants to be a streamer instead,” he explained.

OhMyV33NUS also added that this is an issue as well in the Philippines as the prize pool for the MPL PH is actually low.

“Actually that’s the same for MPL PH. The prize pool is really really low,” OhMyV33NUS said.

As the Season 9 for the MPL of both countries are ongoing, the prize pool for MPL ID amounts to $300,000 while for MPL PH, it’s lower and only amounts to $150,000. EVOS Legend’s Coach Zeys states that he believes that the league should raise the bar higher so that the dilemma that the pro players are in can be fixed.

“I think they (MPL) kind of need to fix the prize pool first. If not, I think eventually most players would retire to be content creators instead,” he said.