Blade and Soul 2 Confirmed to Launch in August for Smartphones and PC

NCSOFT has already confirmed the launch of their MMORPG, Blade and Soul 2.



Blade and Soul 2 is now confirmed to launch in August in Korea for smartphones and PC. NCSOFT also launched an English website for the game however it still remains a mystery if Blade and Soul 2 will be released globally at the same time. There are three words that the game revealed to insinuate the launching: Unveiling, Countdown, and Finale. Further details regarding the keywords will be told when the date of launch is getting nearer.


Visual clips are also released. One representing Mighty and the other, Aesthetics. The video clips introduced the characters’ appearances, skills, and weapons. The three races: Jin, Gon, and Lyn can be seen through the character’s costumes.


Blade and Soul 2 is a sequel of the same title. It has the same story and features of the original game. However, in Blade and Soul 2, a new style of combat and qinggong is added. Players can visually defend and avoid the attacks of enemies. Also, players can unleash link attacks using real martial arts techniques and utilize every visible terrain such as sky and cliff to fight against enemies.