Blade and Soul 2 Pre-registration is Now Open! Worldview and In-Game Footages Revealed!

On February 9th, NCSOFT revealed the worldview and in-game footage of Blade and Soul 2, it happened when they were doing an online showcase. Just to give you a bit of a background of Blade and Soul, it is a Korean MMORPG that was released in September of 2012.

Blade and Soul features a combination of martial arts inspired combat and qinggong(a type of martial arts that allows you to walk on water and fly in the sky) in an open world environment. Pre-registration is now open in Korea.


During the showcase, it was revealed that an open world system will be available for the players. The game will also introduce a new combat style and qinggong, basically it inherits the game's original story and features, though a new support class is introduced called ""Law Obedience" and raid content "Subjugation".

Blade and Soul 2 proves that it has better fighting action and freedom of operation. The performance of the monsters also evolved that it shows a variety of changes according to the player's attack that adds to the excitement of the game.

Players now can unleash link attacks using real martial arts technique utilizing every visible place such as the sky or cliffs. It is expected to be launched on March 18 and will be playable on NCSOFT's cross-play platform "PURPLE". An English site is also opened to present the game.


Below are the worldview and in-game footages:

NCSOFT is an international video game developer and publisher based in Pangyo, Seongnam, South Korea, known for the distribution of MMORPG such as Lineage and Guild Wars. It was founded in March 1997 by T.J. Kim.
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