Blade and Soul Complete: Together with UE4 Update

It seems that Blade & Soul will continue to rise with content and quality. With the ever-rising of technology, the only way for them to succeed is by going up and they sure have not disappointed their avid players for 4 years in the global release and 8 and 6 years in the Korean and Japanese servers, respectively. What we are about to discuss is Blade and Soul's revamp of their mechanics in their "Frontier World" together with their Unreal Engine 4 update.

For those who does not know of Blade & Soul. It is a game made by NCSOFT which is a Korean-based company. The game's focus is on martial arts-style combat. With 4 different races and 12 classes to choose from.

The game starts as you being a student in the Hongmoon School honing your martial arts skill until the sudden invasion of the Jinsoyun leading to the death of your master and your classmates, you set on a quest of vengeance to avenge their deaths and stop Jinsoyun from acquiring the Twilight's Edge.

Boasting the game's free flowing movement and its homage to martial arts, it has been released years ago from the Korean server since 2012. It garnered popularity internationally and they went to create a Japanese server in 2014, until finally they gave a Western release in January 2016 where it became a global version for those who do not have access to KR and JP servers.

The four races vary from their origins, from the Gon that channels their energy from the Dragon, the Jin that reveres the Black Tortoise, the Yun which is an all-female race that honors the Phoenix and the Lyn which is a mystical race that came from the Kirin. All of them have specified classes that can be chosen depending on each race's capabilities.

These classes vary from the Blademaster has a balanced moveset. From offensive classes such as the Destroyer and the Warden, ranged-focused ones like the Gunslinger and Zen Archer or maybe the elusive yet swift Assassins and Kung Fu Masters. There are 12 classes which you can pick as long as the path you chose will work with the class you have selected. The game has PvP and PvE mechanics that has been lauded for a long time. With a growing community, it is there to stay.

Recently, there has been news of an update that will bring forth a new renaissance for the game. The KR server will receive its UE4 update on February 26 which will contain of a brand-new world which will be named as the "Frontier World". This Frontier World will have upgrades on the game itself including the character growth system and the combat system which will surely excite players of the said game. The Frontier World is also being lauded as a remaster which might exceed other's expectations.

Even if it has only been introduced to the KR server, once successful, there are no doubts that it will be carried over to the JP and eventually the global server. So for BnS players, keep your head up and anticipate this update to have a brand-new experience with the game. Await February 26 and take a look at videos to see how the changes and see if it is in your liking.