Blade and Soul Revolution First Impressions

Yesterday, gamers all around the world nearly get disappointed upon Netmarble's release of the mobile version of the martial arts-inspired MMORPG Blade and Soul Revolution. This is due to the sudd server maintenance that happened a couple of minutes after its grand launching upon detecting issues on their servers.

But kudos to their dedicated developers, the game is back under an hour! Way to go guys!

Anyway, those who pre-downloaded game's whopping 3GB+ data have might already assume that Blade and Soul Revolution is not your typical run of the mill MMORPG for mobile. Powered with Unreal Engine 4, the oriental fantasy universe of BNSR is almost surreal to everyone's eye. The visuals and animation are so good that you can always have that honest mistake that you are playing a console-level game.

Though it still possesses passable to at times tiresome RPG elements, BNSR packs a lot of unique elements and gimmicks that you won't make you weary during hours of level grinding. Their Windstride feature lets you transport in the breeze from far locations with a very cool animation as your character channel the portal.

Besides running, you can also glide and fly using Dragon Pulse all around the environment which stretches the bar further for other MMORPG who resorts to mounts for transportation.

Combat is also among the shining moments in the game as it really gives you a certain vibe of a fighting game with skill chains that lets you mash button and create a sequence to pull of the most damage and amazing moves like launching your opponent high before assaulting it for an air juggle combo.

You also have access to an Ultimate Skill and Stances that keeps all your fight breathtaking with dizzying animations of your moves aside from dealing with major damage.

The Grapple and Joint-Attack feature adds more intensity particularly in the boss hunt where coordinate attacks and correct but with on sequence with your party mates can spell victory or defeat for all of you.

Another feature that all players should look forward to as they level up is the PVP and Faction War. PVP here comes with a Tag-Team system that seems to be cut from infamous fighting games like Tekken Tag and Marvel VS Capcom; a 2V2 duel that you can switch your teammate or momentarily join together in full force to pummel your opponents.

Faction War, on the other hand, is modified guild war where you will not just clash against other faction until everyone dies; there is a strategy that underlies here as you need to defeat creeps in the battlefield to give your faction super buffs and even controlling monsters that help siege your enemies camp.

The last thing that I really can't help but notice in BNSR is the character's design specifically their armors/clothes. You won't see over-the-top equipment to any of the classes (gargantuan wings and armor that make your character terrifying).

The costumes you can use are more or less realistic and yet still make you stylish as you go along your journey. I think that makes BNSR really unique as compared to other competing MMORPGs in the mobile arena.

So without further ado, head on to your Google Play and download Blade and Soul Revolution now for free. Avenge our master from dark lords, save the earth realm, and become the greatest martial artist of all!
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