Blade Chaos Frequently Asked Questions


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Aug 7, 2018
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Q1: What’s the system time?
To ensure your gaming experience, the system time is UTC+5.

Q2: About account safety/forget password.
We support the following login method: Facebook, Google, Hoolai account and Guest(quick game).
Please bind your E-mail to your account asap so you can easily change your password when you forget it and ensure your account safety.

How to bind E-mail:
1. Open “Display pop-up window” in phone settings
2. Tap the blue burble - Account - Bind Email - Enter your E-mail address - Tap the button on the right of the “Verification Code” - Go to your E-mail and copy the verification code - Enter your verification code - Tap “Bind E-mail

Q3: Billing Issue&Lost Item

Please check this chart and fill in the blanks:

Q4: How to get free rewards/gift codes?

We’ll post some events on our Fan Page. Most of them contains some gift or redeem code. Please keep an eye on our Fan Page!

Q5: How to use gift codes?

Welfare - Exchange Gift - Enter your Gift Code - Exchange
Every code has its time limit. Please use them ASAP!

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