Blade Chaos marriage system introduction


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Aug 7, 2018
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On the road to be immortal, loneliness is always inevitable. Therefore, "Blade Chaos" provides you with a full range of marriage systems! 3 minutes to match the opposite sex fairy, to help you get out of the first step, the rest depends on your play. When you are familiar enough and finally want to go to the next step, it is time to use the marriage system!

Just click on the marriage system, you can see a picture of the relatives, where you can choose a friend who meets the requirements, and then choose a different gift. Different price points can bring different benefits. Generally speaking, it is the most expensive.

After getting married, in addition to getting rewards at the initial wedding, couples after marriage will be able to do a lot of activities together, including unique copies and special pets. There are quite a few very interesting systems out of it, let's take a look at it now.

You can get a concentric lock by getting married or shopping in the mall. After unlocking, you can upgrade like an artifact. You need to use Sanshengshi to upgrade the concentric lock, which can bring considerable attribute enhancement to the character.
Companion is also a great benefit brought by marriage, just like an extra pet, the same skill and attribute bonus. Companion can be obtained through pregnancy, and then he can be allowed to travel or further upgrade.

The copy of the fairy bud is specially prepared for the fairy buddies after the marriage. As long as the husband and wife team can enter the copy, although there are strong challenges in the copy, the rewards obtained after the success are also very rich.
The love treasure box is the best way to maintain the relationship between the two parties. Through this system, the other party can purchase the gift box, and the rewards won by both parties will be very rich. Sending a treasure box to each other every day, the two grow together.

Finally, the most important couples are double-educated. After entering the copy, there will be a small game that tests the tacit agreement between the two parties. The two sides will succeed in taking different diamonds. After success, you can gain a lot of experience and improve your relationship.

The marriage system can be used to adjust the weekday activities for "Blade Chaos". After killing the monsters, it is better to find a good teammate and get married!

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