Blade Chaos Novice Guide


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Aug 7, 2018
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As an eastern-inspired MMORPG, Blade Chaos’ system has many fun mechanics for you to delve into, however this complexity may make many new players feel lost in the beginning. We hope this tutorial can help new players understand the game better, so that you may become king.

Upgrading Skills
For new players, following the main storyline is crucial because progressing along can unlock more features and dungeons. Only once you have a variety of options will you encounter some challenges along the main storyline. By then, you need to take consider other small details. Main storyline tasks are very important in the later stages because they are often the most rewarding.

However, it isn’t wise to always follow the main storyline because the game also often holds limited-time events, daily tasks, and others. These additional tasks may also have limited time, and they’ll also reward you with really useful items. Tap the “event’ icon at the top right corner to view the ongoing event.

The daily must-do missions often require team works. You can do it when many players are online to get lots of help. Completing those missions is helpful for leveling, and for other missions, you can complete them at your leisure. During these Dailies, you can receive a large amount of Coins, Exp., Items, Equipment, and many other prizes. Please be noted, team farming also gets you exp bonus in leveling, so call on your buddies to kick the butts of monsters!
Upgrading Power Skills

Blade Chaos has many ways to upgrade your power: strengthen, gems, upgrade stars, equipment, scouring, familiars, wings, and mounts. These systems can greatly enhance your power. But because of the system’s complexity, many don’t know where to start.

In fact, this is easy to tackle. Pay attention to the“Upgrade” button that appears at the bottom-right corner. It will show up when you can upgrade your power and you just need to follow the suggestions it gives.
In addition, the daily purchase limit in the market can also help you improve your power. Because every day has a purchase limit, so you should try purchase as many as you can every day to maximize your power growth.

Boss Mayhem
There’s a key feature for getting treasured items in Blade Chaos events. In this feature, it contains many bosses; and killing them can get you rare equipment. However, only the participant with the highest damage done can acquire equipment pieces. The rest will only get participation rewards.

Don’t underestimate these participation rewards. If you’re lucky, you may also get some pretty good equipment that will help you start the game as kind of the same way as you seek help from those players stronger than you. So, once each Boss appears, don’t give up because you think you’re not strong enough. Joining to get the participation reward is also not a bad idea.

Once you can notice all these details, the game can be much easier for a new player. This guide is only a beginning. There are many other gameplay techniques waiting for you to discover.

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