Blade Chaos World BOSS


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Aug 7, 2018
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Speaking of the word BOSS in the world, I believe that many newcomers will be behind a cold. After all, in many games, the world BOSS is a powerful one. Many people don’t even think about it before they have a set of costumes. However, this is not the same in the system of "Blade Chaos". The world BOSS is more of a participatory activity. Whether it is with or without a costume, it will be beneficial after participation.

The world BOSS is located under the action of playing treasures. After you click in, you can see the world BOSS that you are currently able to attack, and their refresh status. In the Treasure Hunt page, you can not only see the BOSS level and various information, but also use the immediate travel to quickly join the battle. However, the most useful feature is the attention function, as long as you select a BOSS check, you can receive a prompt when this BOSS refresh.

When choosing the BOSS of interest, pay attention to the choice according to your own ability. Although this function can pay attention to multiple BOSS, if the difficulty of BOSS is too high, it is a waste of time for you. The attention function is best used in the world BOSS that can fight to kill.

Although every participant can get the participation award, but the damage to the top ranked killing prize can get more rewards, the most powerful equipment in the game is also out of this. If you really want to improve your abilities, go ahead and kill the grand prize. However, this does not mean that the challenge of participating in other BOSS is meaningless.

As mentioned before, as long as you participate, you can get participation rewards. Although the rewards are not as tempting as killing the grand prizes, but you can participate in different BOSS challenges, you can also improve yourself by accumulating more and more. Moreover, the refresh time of each BOSS has a certain interval, and it is very possible to brush the BOSS several times a day.

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