Blade: RE collaboration with Action Square for a new RPG P2E game

Jang Hyun-Guk, CEO of Wemade, and Kim Yeon-Jun, CEO of Action Square, recently announced that the two firms are teaming together to create a new Play-To-Earn mobile RPG based on the famous Blade RPG franchise. Blade: Re.Action, or Blade: RE for short, is the name of the planned P2E mobile RPG.


“I am very pleased to be able to present the action masterpiece ‘Blade: Reaction’ as a P2E game in partnership with Wemade, a famous blockchain game company. will continue to engage in the blockchain business.” Kim Yeon-Jun, Action Square CEO

Both firms will work together under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to produce a variety of mobile and PC games, with Wemade integrating their blockchain platform, Wemix. Both firms want to expand their creation of peer-to-peer blockchain games and multi-platform enterprises, as well as use the Metaverse Project to foster full collaboration.

If you're unfamiliar, Action Square is a well-known South Korean game company known for producing high-quality mobile RPGs utilizing Unreal Engine 4. For notable titles like as the Blade RPG trilogy, Three Kingdoms Blade, Blade 2, and Anvil, the firm has received several honors, including the prized Korea Game Awards.

“We have high expectations for Action Square, which has presented outstanding action games one after another, to participate in the Wemix ecosystem with the highly anticipated ‘Blade: Reaction’.” Jang Hyeon-Guk, Wemade CEO

Blade: RE will be the first blockchain-based mobile RPG game with high-quality visuals, fantastic action gameplay, and Play To Earn mechanisms, and will be the latest episode in the long-running Blade IP.

Blade: RE will be built on Wemade's Wemix platform and will employ the ACT2CO tokens (tentative name) that will be released in the future. These tokens may be obtained throughout the game and used to purchase a variety of in-game things. Players may also use the Wemix Wallet to convert them for Wemix Tokens, which can then be exchanged for real-world cash via a Decentralized Exchange (DEX).'

Blade: Re.Action is scheduled to debut in 2022. Due to the fact that it is still under production, the actual game has not yet been revealed. Wemade did not say if the game would be released worldwide right now or if it will be released first in South Korea, so stay tuned to Enduins for more information.