Blade & Soul: Revival Free Update Coming To Western Gamers Later This Year

Blade & Soul: Revival free update will be brought to western gamers later this year, announced by NCSoft.


This update will improve the in-game engine to Unreal Engine 4 as well as a couple of other features that will complement this Asian-themed MMO’s fan base. This free update will not only improve the graphics and performance of Revival but will also bring other changes and upgrades such as:


  • Class changing – A new system will be implemented that will allow players the freedom to change classes and class-exclusive items, thus increasing play options for all.
  • Responsive Dungeon Combat System – This system will give players instant feedback for battle heroics in the form of on-screen animations. This will also apply to joint attacks, party protection and other situations when performed well.
  • Dungeon Difficulty System – To create a more dynamic experience for veteran players, a new dungeon difficulty system will be added. This will create further challenges for players on subsequent playthroughs.

Aside from the newly released screenshots of Revival, a new trailer was also released.

Other than the things mentioned above, the update will also include graphical/lightning advances, improved loading, network optimization, and UI improvement. There are more news coming regarding Blade & Soul: Revival, stay tuned!