Blade & Soul Revolution Global Launch Announced Early This Year iOS Android 

Receiving early access to BNSR is a blessing and curse, both at the same time due to bugs and imbalanced parts of the game. Netmarble's mobile porting of NCSoft's popular title, Blade & Soul Revolution, arrived in the Philippines earlier than the global launch last year. But, they recently announced the real global launch will come sometime this year. If you're not familiar with the game yet, then check out our last year's first impression and game details here.

As part of their campaign, they've opened the pre-registration event globally. It's not yet clear whether our old servers will receive the pre-registration rewards once the global launch is finished. They also made a new site for the game where you'll be able to view the recent updates and events. As always, every link that you'll need is down below.

Netmarble is generous in rewarding their pre-registered players on this one. 1,000 Black Crystals (Blade & Soul Revolution's premium currency) and one premium pet will be sent to both Android and iOS players. As for the premium pet, Android players will get Lumi while iOS players will get Sparkie. I don't know if the global launch will feature the current event, "Warlock Celebration".
According to some fans, the global launch will be on March 18th this year. But, the exact date wasn't officially announced by Netmarble. According to the press, BNSR will be available for 138 countries for Android's Google Play Store and 143 countries for Apple's App Store. If you're truly a fan, you may follow them on their social media accounts linked down below.

As always, the credit for all these images and content belongs to Netmarble Corp. Despite all the mixed reviews between F2P and P2W players, I think the game's high poly graphics and design truly deserves a try.
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