Blade & Soul Revolution launches new Ancient Grade Hunt Equipment and Relics

Netmarble has launched the latest game update for its open-world mobile RPG Blade & Soul Revolution. Through this update, enhancements to the Ancient Grade Hunt Equipment and Relics have been showcased along with some exclusive limited-time events that can be acquired by all players.

Ancient Grade Hunt Equipment.jpg

In the upgraded Ancient Grade Hunt Equipment, players now have the chance to acquire additional XP. in addition to that, players can now develop their characters by acquiring additional stats through the Ancient Grade Relic that was introduced by the Radiant Legendary Relic.

Note, this will continue until March 5. Players also have the option to obtain Prosperous Pouch and Lucky Pouch by using Silver. The following are limited-time events along with its special rewards:
  • Bonus Time Event (Feb. 1 – Mar. 5): During the event period, bonus time will be applied on all servers, increasing Battle XP gain by 100% and user Kill Faction Points by 100%
  • Check-In Event (Feb. 1 – Feb. 13): Check-in the game during the event period and earn various rewards, including Premium Guardian Spirit Protection Summon 10+1, Dungeon Auto-Clear Ticket (Legendary) and more
  • New Year 28-day Check-in Event (Feb. 1 – Mar. 20): Players who check-in for 28 days can receive various rewards, including the Luxurious Legendary Skill Badge Unseal 10+1, Luxurious Legendary Gem Summon 10+1, Luxurious Legendary Pet Summon 10+1, Premium Guardian Spirit Protection Summon 10+1 and other items
  • Revolution Challenge Event (Feb. 1 – Mar. 5): Clear the challenge missions during the event period and obtain Ancient Fragments.
Note, items such as Attack Type Radiant Legendary Equipment Set, Gilded Triangular Gem, Handmade Underwater Palace Fishing Rod, and more can be acquired in the Prosperous Pouch while the the Lucky Pouch contains items like the Legendary Guardian Spirit, Legendary Pet, Legendary Skill Badge, and similar valuables.