Blades Tale How To Redeem the Gift Code?


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Jul 7, 2019
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Tutorial on How To Redeem the Gift Code in Blades Tale

1.Tap on the “Setting” at the bottom right corner.

2.Fill in the redemption code and tap on the “Exchange”.Once the code is redeemed successfully , you will receive this message “Exchange successful. Please check your mail.”

3.There will be a mail notification at the bottom left corner , press on it to proceed to the mail. You can also tap on the “mail” icon on the bottom right to open the mailbox.

4.Tap on the “collect all” on the bottom left corner or “collect” button on the bottom right. Collect your gift in the bag.

5.The notification “Mail receipt successful.” pop-out when you receive the gift successfully. You can check your gift in the bag.

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