BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War - Pre-Registration Event Is Now Open And New Promotional Video Revealed iOS Android 

Hearing news about the BlazBlue franchise after a decade or so gives me goosebumps. I can still remember playing Calamity Trigger on my friend's PSP back in 2010 if I'm not mistaken of the year. Arc System Works, the developer of the old BlazBlue titles itself, along with Linked Brain studio, is developing some sort of sequel to the series. BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War will be the latest title of the BlazBlue franchise and, unlike the previous ones, this will come to mobile devices.​


The very creator of the BlazBlue series, Toshimichi Mori, is the one who handled the script for this new "Dark War" storyline. Although it does look like a sequel, the trailer suggests the term "reboot RPG". We can't know for sure what those words mean but we'll see it once we play it. Now, that's a good question you might have formulated. Can we play it?

If you're living or staying somewhere in Japan right now, you're in luck. If not, well, there are still some ways to join but you already know what the cost of doing it. BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War was announced to be released in Japan this coming month of February 2021. As of right now, there's no news whether it will get a global release or not.

But, to give you some hope, just take a step back and remember how successful this franchise is. Although 91Act's attempt to bring some sort of BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger to mobile garnered some bad reviews, it still did a good job in trying to port. If you noticed how it successfully made a title for Nintendo Switch, you'll know the chances of success of this game is high. And once the initial launch and testing are done in Japan, we may soon expect a global release.

For those who still unfamiliar with Arc System Works, aside from developing the BlazBlue titles, they're also known for other fighting game titles such as the Guilty Gear series and Under Night In-Birth. To make it all clear, Arc System Works is the publisher while Linked Brain studio handles the development of this mobile game. Linked Brain studio? They're not quite known to many. But, they're somehow known to help Fate/Grand Order's server development.
Pre Reg.jpg

As for the pre-registration event, if ever you're interested in sneaking into Japan's exclusivity, there are rewards waiting for you. There's no translated list specifying the individual item rewards. But, according to the info site, 4Gamer, the final milestone reward includes "S-class Noel (school uniform)", a Noel Vermilion 4-star Spellbook, and some useful items. I'll provide the main site of the game where you'll find the pre-registration button. You may pre-register using Twitter, Line, or email.
That's the new trailer uploaded by Arc System Works. It's short but pretty sweet since they've included some in-game shots into it. The game looks really cool and I hope everyone will have the chance to play it someday. For now, let's just sit tight and wait for further announcements. The credits and rights for the images, videos, and content I've used all belong to Arc System Works. The game will be available for both Android and iOS. Stay tuned for future updates!