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Jul 7, 2019
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The Blazing West Events are coming! Sneak a peek now! Log in to win the new hero Mathilda, Blazing West Emotes and special Avatar Border from November 21st to December 12th. Take part in the events for a chance of winning Alpha's new skin "Crimson Warrior"! More hidden stories and surprise gifts are waiting!

November 21
  • Log in to claim 1 from 2 free Battle Emotes: Clint / Claude
November 28
  • Log in to claim Vale's Skin "Cerulean Winds"
December 05
  • Log in to claim an event-exclusive Blazing West Avatar Border
December 12
  • Log in and obtain the newest upcoming Hero, Mathilda :feather:
November 21 to December 12
  • Join events to win free event-exclusive resource: "Bounty"
  • Exchange Bounties to win the following rewards:
    • Blazing West Notification
    • Blazing West Recall Effect
    • Alpha's new Skin "Crimson Warrior"
    • Chance to trigger special event; unlock different storylines
More surprises await! Stay tuned! Welcome to the Blazing West!

Aldous' all-new Epic Skin "Blazing Force", the first one of the Blazing Bounties Skin Series, belongs to the strongest Defender of Justice in Los Pecados! Available now with a launch week discount! Hurry! Don't miss out

Discount Duration: November 13 - 19!

Blazing WestChapter I: "Justice Prevails"

The first chapter of the Blazing West expansion pack has been released! The gangsters of Los Pecados are planning attacks to the town.

A righteous sheriff, a fierce gangster, a wanderer who just unexpectedly returned, and a homeless girl... their story is gradually unfolding.

Stay tuned!

Blazing West: Blazing BountiesNew Skin

"You stupid jerk, Kane! I certainly deserve a higher bounty than that dumb metal guy!"

Layla's all-new Epic Skin "Blazing Gun", one of the Blazing Bounties Skins, is coming soon! A talented and outstanding mercenary as she is, this wayward girl finally irritated Kane. He put a high bounty on her and is trying to kill her. But now, it's time for her to turn the tables and counterattack!

Blazing WestNew Battle Emotes

New Blazing West limited Battle Emotes for free! Log in on November 21st to claim Battle Emotes "Take Aim" or "Shoot" for free! Don't miss out!

MLBB World Map - Agelta Drylands:

In Agelta Drylands, a desert in the west of the Land of Dawn, Claude, known as the Sly Thief Lord, is on his way to Los Pecados. The town protected by Clint, the sheriff called "West Justice", is now in danger. They are half teammates and half competitors. Shhh, listen to the story of Blazing West...

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