Bleach Brave Souls Coming to Steam in Summer 2020 PC 

We all know how to tough it is to play a gacha game when an event arrives or you're just eager to farm materials to progress your unit even more, which in turns help you play the game even more. Well, if you're like me and want to be efficient as possible in their games, you would want to play more of your game outside your phone, like say, tablets or PC. But tablets are just like phones but bigger screens and beefier systems, so let's talk about PC. Playing smartphone games via emulator is a way to go, but what if it breaks the game's TOS, well, it might be time for a PC client, and the game that we will talk about today, just did that!

Bleach Brave Souls a.jpeg

Bleach Brave Souls is a action RPG made and published by kLab Inc. which lets you put a team of your favorite characters in Bleach and put you fights in PvE and PvP fashion. With the game involving the original Bleach story and the characters having their special skills that are well-known in the franchise. Fans of the series will definitely love the game. Beloved so much that the developers implemented a PC client for them to enjoy!

Bleach Brave Souls b.png

This game has been in the mobile for so long and they are proud with their 50M strong downloads in the years that it has been on. This ensures that the game is still going strong, so heading in right now should not be a problem. The franchise is also well-known for its popularity in the anime and manga industry therefore expecting popular characters would be whaled by die hard fans.

While the game is not yet open on Steam, it has been marked that marked that the game will be available in Summer 2020 and we all know that is soon. So for those who are not blessed with a good phone or their internal storage is just full of files, then this is a solution for your problem if you want to play them. While the community thought of the addition as weird and random, this is actually a great way for them to avoid using emulators and play with their own client. This move makes the game less susceptible to cheats and exploits as the company as emulators tend to have capabilities such as that.

Bleach Brave Souls c.jpg

So whether you are a curious folk who wants to try this game, a fan of the franchise who wants to jump in or a veteran that wants a more efficient farming of materials, this will be great news for all, but we want to hear your direct comments, so tell us in the comments section!