Bleach:Soul Ties Beginners Guide


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Nov 4, 2018
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This guide addresses common novice questions in a self-questioning way. If you have any questions, please leave a message in the comment area, we will answer in the follow-up guide.

1. What should I do to enter the game?
Remember your login email and server. Follow the tutorial, enter the appropriate name, and remember it. The tutorial will take you to draw equipment and partners, and each player's first draw is the same. As the level increases, the fully automatic attack mode will be activated.

2. Who is the best protagonist?
The combat power of each protagonist is shared, and you can choose your favorite character at the beginning. The difference between the protagonists is mainly in attributes (including health, damage, etc.) and talents.

3. What should I do if I can't draw a good partner?
Don't worry, you can first set up a junior team according to the recommendation of the lineup (there is a video reference at the end of the article). These two teams can meet most of the early game needs. We will also hold time-limited partner recruitment events from time to time. During the event, you can click "?" to view the event rules in the upper right corner.

4. What should I do after drawing a partner?
You can extract equipment, select one-click equipment in the backpack, and install and upgrade the protagonist with one-click. The equipment is also shared by all protagonists.

5. What is the use of partner attribute?
Wind, fire, thunder, earth, water cycle restraint, but level can still crush everything. When deploying, you can click the element bonus in the upper right corner to view the element data of the team.

6. Why is in-game time different from reality?
Because our gamers are all over the world, the server time of our game is based on the West 7th region. The system adjusts the time zone according to your location, but does not distinguish between winter and summer time. So, if you find that the times are different, it may be that you have adjusted for winter and summer time locally, but not in-game. You need to convert the time yourself.

7. Why do you sometimes lose when you challenge someone with a lower combat power than you in the arena?
This involves the issue of attributes and skills. You can adjust your team attributes and the skills of your characters to strengthen your team.

8. I have drawn a better character, but what if I run out of upgrade materials?
You can get materials by brushing copies. At the same time, you can also choose the "Inheritance" function in the companion illustration, this function can transfer the level of a partner to another partner, which greatly saves us the time to brush resources.

9. Why am I being banned?
Because you swiped the same message multiple times on the public chat platform, or you sent uncivilized language. Usually the ban will be lifted within a day or so.