Bless Mobile Account and Item Recovery Policy


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Jul 7, 2019
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Game Data Rehabilitation of Bless Mobile
  • When an item or in-game currency is lost or altered due to a reason attributable to the company or a technical error, the company will support recovery based on objective data which can be verified.
  • Request of character rehabilitation is allowed for 5 days from the deleted date.
  • Request of item or in-game currency rehabilitation must be made within 3 days from the date when item or in-game currency is lost/changed. In case it exceeds 3 days, related data will not be able to be verified and rehabilitation will not be processed.
  • We do not support rehabilitation in the following cases. (item, in-game currency and others.)
    • If a case has been more than 3 days from the date when the issue occurred.
    • If a request is not made by the relevant user.
    • If a case happened due to user’s negligence and user’s unfamiliarity of specified information in Operation Policy, Game, Official Page, and Community.
    • If data does not exist or objective data cannot be verified.
    • If any damage/harm is made by normal gameplay.
    • If any damage/harm is made by using illegal programs, sharing personal account, selling account, and attempting cash transaction.
    • If level 10 or below character is classified as deactivated account and the game data has been reset.
    • If a reason is relevant to “The company’s exemption from obligation duty” in terms of use.
  • The followings are the notes for users in case of requesting rehabilitation.
    • You may be suspended, if your rehabilitation request is false.
    • Received rehabilitation requests are handled in order.
  • Authorized Cases for Rehabilitation are as follows
    • Authorized Users for Rehabilitation: All the adventurers who play Bless Mobile

Deactivated Users in Bless Mobile
If you did not login 14 days or above, your account is classified as deactivated account.
  • If a deactivated account is joining in a guild, the account will be removed from the guild automatically.
  • If level 10 or below character is classified as deactivated account, the company can reset the game data of the character.