Bless Mobile Coming Soon to Korea in Closed Beta this March 20

You may have heard or remembered the old Bless Online. It had received poor reviews and was shut down last year. While it has its positives and things to remember, it has failed to capture the attention of others and angered some in the process. But it is not all gloom since the game has been loved by a few others too however, that love won't be enough to make it afloat. Until this month that is.

Publisher Joy City and its developer, ThinkFun is planning to revive the Bless franchise within the mobile market with a new concept and plan that might excite the old playerbase, Bless Mobile. In one of their media conferences, they revealed the game and its Closed Beta Test Date - March 20.

While it is days away from launching it will only be launched first in Korea. But this will only be temporary as they see the love of the game in other regions and so they have also promised to make a global version as soon as the game becomes stable in the KR server. They have also teased a PC version for those who doesn't have phones, pretty neat!

While it is anticipated that the game will be having advanced graphics, the team had announced that they will be making mobile optimizations for phones within the range of iPhone 6S and Galaxy Note 5.

Reminisce in the good ol' days with the same assets but a different Bless. Hosting 4 races with each able to be classed within 5. It will be interesting which class would be best suited for a race and how it might affect in the game.

It was also told that each of the classes will have a "Guardian God" or a powerful transformation within an amount of time if needed, good for emergencies but it is also needed to mention that boss fights will be dynamic than the regular smash the HP to smithereens. Puzzles and ways to kill the boss will vary from now which will be interesting to see how it flows.

Speaking of gameplay, exploration will be an important aspect of the game. It is up to the player to see what the world has to offer with hidden places to visit and check. Some might discover a good farming spot or an area that is concealed in the common knowledge of players, bringing in hidden power or knowledge that he/she might share to others. Conducting searches in order to fully map out the game than the one being given by the developers.

There will be manual hunting and auto hunt, use it depending on what time or availability that suits you. If you have something to do, the game can help you optimize your experience even further with auto hunting and auto targeting of enemies, this way, if you are doing something different, you can do two things at the same time, maximizing efficiency.

Guilds will be a thing that will help you and your teammates achieve a lot of things such as dungeons, raids and conquest options. Finally, see who is the best guild by having a Guild vs Guild battle where it is not by dueling each other but doing the best in a certain tasks such as resource collection which you can disturb in order for your guild to win.

Finally, there is a brand new character creation system which involves "morphing". It lets you choose how the character looks by dragging a selector in the circle where different palettes are selected. You can see slowly the changes of what it looks when you drag the selector.

This will be nice as to get the most accurate result for your character. As they always say, creating a character is a first way to immerse yourself in the game.

While these are the only things that Joy City and ThinkFun has announced, they are serious in implementing this one as they have a lot of concepts in placed already. We will see if they will make a successful Bless this time, as they sample it in the Korean server.

Stabilizing the game and making it more appealing will be the challenges of the Bless Mobile, having a strong competitor in the global market once it releases, they need a strong selling point to avoid being overshadowed by the behemoths of the mobile RPG games.

With March 20 looming in closer, fans of the game will anticipate what these two companies have planned for the game that will attempt to rise from the ashes, with Bless Unleashed going to XBox One, they are going full force in order to make an impact once more!