Bless Mobile Event Policy


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Jul 7, 2019
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Events and Participation
  1. The duration and conditions of the event are posted be in-game notice or on the official page.
  2. The content, duration and conditions of the event are subject to change without prior notice.
  3. Participants who violate the operating policy may be excluded from participation in the event.

In case of Disqualification of the Event
The event winner may be disqualified for the event for the following reasons.

Privacy Policy

  1. In order to announce the winners, some information of the ID or Character name may be announced on official community site and in the game.
  2. In order to send event rewards, you need to agree to the use of personal information.
  3. In order to send event rewards, name, phone number and address information may be forwarded to the shipping company for delivery.
  4. If the winner does not want to be used and provide personal information, may be disqualified for the event.

Event Reward (In-game Prize)
Event rewards must be used and received within the specified period, and it may be difficult to provide assistance after that period.

Event Reward (Product Prize)
  1. In the event that the prize amount exceeds 50,000 Korean won, the winner must pay 22% of the prize value (income tax 20%, resident tax 2%) as tax.
    • Tax details are subject to income tax laws, local tax laws and other laws. .
  2. If the prize amount exceeds 50,000 Korean won, it will be delivered according to the procedure below.
    • If the company need a copy of the ID of the winner, or the winner needs a bank account to deposit the tax, the company will inform you by phone or e-mail or event notice.
    • Winner must pay taxes using the information that the company provided and submit other necessary information such as a copy of ID card to the company.
    • After confirming the information, the company delivers the prize to the winner
    • Prize will be shipped by post, and prize less than 50,000 Korean won may be sent without notice. Therefore, the winner must fill up the address correctly before shipping.
    • Delivery of the prize may be delayed due to the circumstances of the delivery company. If you do not receive the prize within one month after the announcement of the prize, please contact the customer center.
  3. If the prize is returned or lost due to incorrect address or contact information, it will not be resent and the company is not responsible.
  4. In case of in-game item prize, there may be a period limit to use depending on the event, and if the item is accidentally deleted, recovery may not be possible.
  5. Prizes may be replaced with other prizes of equal value without prior notice depending on the circumstances of the company.
  6. Prizes are non-transferable and no cash equivalents or other prizes.
  7. If options of the prize such as color, type, and size need to be selected, the winner can select them, but cannot be changed after its delivery.
  8. If the prize is damaged or if it cannot be used due to the expiration of the period, exchange or resending may not be possible.
  9. There may be areas where delivery is not possible.

  1. If the notice in the event notice differs from the event policy, it will follow the event notice.
  2. In the case of an auto-entry event, if the target person does not convey their intention to reject the event, it is considered as consent.
  3. Event policies are subject to change, and changes will be announced through the official community site.