BLESS Mobile Global September 2 Update

Guild of Guardians


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Jul 7, 2019
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Adventurers! This is from ‘Bless Mobile’. We would like to notify you the details of the update on September 2nd.
Please check it out below.

1. Rebalancing
  • The schedule of Abyss Dungeon will be changed from weekly to daily.
  • The time to respawn monsters in Abyss Dungeon will be decreased.
  • Abrasives obtained from some quests and area clear rewards will be increased.
    • With the reward increased, difficulty of ‘Dry Golden Eagle Nest’ field will be adjusted.
  • Stats of Rare or above equipment will be increased.
    • Bonus stats given to Rare or above equipment by its level-up will be increased.
    • With the stats increased, difficulty of ‘Dry Golden Eagle Nest’ field will be adjusted.
  • Difficulty of ‘Dry Golden Eagle Nest’, Lechria Plain” and ‘Corpora’ will be adjusted.
  • The difficulty of Abyss Dungeon will be decreased, which enables you to hunt monsters easily.
  • The number of Power-Up Scrolls obtained from Daily Dungeon (Friday) will be increased.
    • Power-Up Scrolls obtained will be increased by 1.
  • The number of Potions given upon creating a character will be increased from 20 to 100.
  • The number of monsters in some Quest Worlds will be decreased.
2. Revamped
  • Adventure Dungeon will be added to the list of ‘How to Strengthen Your Character’ pop-up appearing when your character is defeated.
  • English URL for ‘Operation Policy’ and ‘Terms of Use’ at Settings will be applied regardless of Language Setting.
3. Shop
  • The list of items in Goods Shop will be adjusted.
    • Potion list will be adjusted and certain grade or below Potions in some fields will no longer appear.
    • Pet Chow will be added to Goods Shop.
  • New packages will be added like below.
    • Rare Pet (Attack) package will be added to 1$ shop.
    • Hanol’s Gear Chest packages will be added.
    • Daily Package, which can be purchased only once a day, will be added.
4. Bugs fixed
  • Fix the issue that low stats are applied to some of Lv.28~54 monsters.
  • Fix the display error on some icons at Shop.